Suzie Lake – Desolation Wilderness

Hey There! Thanks for stopping by Ballister Writing!
Feel free to peruse the writing on these pages at your leisure. I hope you find something that sparks your curiosity and maybe, just maybe, raises your eyebrows. I draw motivation from many sources, but some of my favorite are nature, exercise, relationships, and travel experiences. If you don’t know me personally, here’s a quick list that provides a place to start:
Adventurer, experiencer, reader, writer, knowledge-seeker, guide, apprentice, hiker, biker, runner, paddler, mostly planner, infrequent spontaneous-combustor, brother, son, friend, sometimes skeptic, sometimes optimist, lover, and, most of all, just a human being trying to connect with other living organisms.
My writing style is still very much a work in progress, but it helps me organize a few of the thoughts that swirl around my head on a daily basis.  This is a growing passion for me, and it is something I hope to be a lifelong pursuit.
Perhaps most importantly, I feel that it’s imperative to find different avenues to share thoughts and emotions with others. I’m able to express things in my writing that I wouldn’t be able to properly express any other way. I can also examine questions in greater depth than I would otherwise be able to. Writing is an outlet for sharing. Who knows, one day I may be able to write a novel that many people are able to identify with. For now, I believe it’s better to share my innermost thoughts and desires in some fashion and see how those that read them respond. It has to be better than keeping those thoughts and desires bottled up and unexplored.
I appreciate all those who support my desire to share through words. Thank you for the love and support!