The Celestine Prophecy Book Review

The Celestine Prophecy Book Review Front Cover Updated

My partner and I just finished reading this book together. It’s the first book that we started and finished together, as we took turns popcorn reading to each other in the evenings like we were back in third grade. It reminded me just how comforting it is to have someone read to you! My Dad … Read more

Becoming Supernatural Book Review

Becoming Supernatural Book Review - Front Cover

It’s truly not every day that it takes me months and months to get through a book. But I want to be clear that it didn’t take me a long time to get through Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural for any lack of interest. On the other hand, I was (and still am) supremely intrigued by … Read more

Writing For Fun: Follow Your Passion

Writing For Fun Follow Your Passion Featured Image

As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time creating content for other people. Whether it’s for their blogs or websites, it keeps me busy and focused on what my clients need. While I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities in my life, I recognize that writing for fun is something I need to … Read more

Writing Practice: 5 Exercises to Improve Writing

Writing Practice 5 Exercises to Improve Writing Featured Image

For me, writing practice isn’t the easiest habit to sustain. Doing exercises to improve writing can often feel like a waste of time when I can’t stop thinking about the impactful content I want to create. For sports fans out there (or those simply looking for a good chuckle), Allen Iverson furnished us with one of … Read more

Listen and Learn: The Benefits of Audiobooks

Listen and Learn The Benefits of Audiobooks Featured Image

It’s tough to find a quality substitute for a good paperback book. But as a traveler, being able to take more books with you in either digital or audio form is a must. While I dream of one day having a sizable library on my retreat center property, I’ve learned that I can’t bring all … Read more