The Best Self Improvement Books of 2020

Best Self Improvement Books of 2020 Featured Image

I probably don’t have to tell you that 2020 has been a year of extreme change. For some of us, COVID-19 has offered a chance to reflect, evaluate, and improve our lives from within, especially since recent events have proven that not everything is in our control (shocker!).  Faced with more personal time—as we experience unemployment … Read more

The Best Freelance Writer Websites

Best Freelance Job Boards For Writers Featured Image - PC Nick Morrison via Unsplash

Knowing where to find paid writing opportunities is a big part of becoming a successful freelance writer. The good news about this industry is that more clients need high-quality writing for their websites than ever before and there are a lot of freelance writing websites to choose from.  That being said, you’re probably seeing some … Read more

How To Make Money Writing Online Content

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Making money writing online—anyone with an internet connection, a love of writing, and some gumption can do it. Writing can be a rewarding side hustle to supplement your salary. Or if you have some serious guts, it could even become your main income. Learning how to make money writing online content isn’t rocket science. And … Read more

The Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2020

The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 - Real People Real Feedback

I’ve been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community for over two years now. My experience as a freelance writer for more than five years has necessitated that I learn how to manage a website, create content, and optimize that content for marketing purposes. But I didn’t really know how much I didn’t know until I … Read more

Writing Practice: 5 Exercises to Improve Writing

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For me, writing practice isn’t the easiest habit to sustain. Doing exercises to improve writing can often feel like a waste of time when I can’t stop thinking about the impactful content I want to create. For sports fans out there (or those simply looking for a good chuckle), Allen Iverson furnished us with one of … Read more

Listen and Learn: The Benefits of Audiobooks

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It’s tough to find a quality substitute for a good paperback book. But as a traveler, being able to take more books with you in either digital or audio form is a must. While I dream of one day having a sizable library on my retreat center property, I’ve learned that I can’t bring all … Read more