My Favorite Childhood Books

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I’ve read most of the books I’ve reviewed on this site within the last couple of years, but reading has been a passion of mine for a long time. My parents started reading to me at a very young age and I am extremely thankful for the emergence into stories that happened early in my …

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The Story of B

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I can’t remember exactly when I read Ishmael, but that was my first introduction to Daniel Quinn and his writing style. Because I enjoyed that book so much, someone recommended that I read his follow-up novel, The Story of B. So, I bought the book, but it sat on my shelf (or I carried it …

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How to Optimize a Blog for SEO

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There’s little argument that the Internet has radically changed the publishing space. You can sit down and write an article now, and make it accessible to billions of people the moment you finish writing it. That’s a hug bonus for bloggers, but with so many people diving into the blogging space, we have to seriously …

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