Writing Practice: 5 Exercises to Improve Writing

Writing Practice 5 Exercises to Improve Writing Featured Image

For me, writing practice isn’t the easiest habit to sustain. Doing exercises to improve writing can often feel like a waste of time when I can’t stop thinking about the impactful content I want to create. For sports fans out there (or those simply looking for a good chuckle), Allen Iverson furnished us with one of … Read more

Listen and Learn: The Benefits of Audiobooks

Listen and Learn The Benefits of Audiobooks Featured Image

It’s tough to find a quality substitute for a good paperback book. But as a traveler, being able to take more books with you in either digital or audio form is a must. While I dream of one day having a sizable library on my retreat center property, I’ve learned that I can’t bring all … Read more

A Simple Book Review Template

A Simple Book Review Template Featured Image

People have started to ask me how I got into writing book reviews. The simple answer is that I just started writing down how books made me feel. Eventually, though, I started to develop a simple book review template that I use to convey the most important information to interested readers. For years, I’ve annotated … Read more

Writing Motivation: 5 Author Success Stories

Writing Motivation 5 Author Success Stories Featured Image

I struggle with writing motivation all the time. As a freelance writer, I am so often working on content for other people’s websites that I don’t take the time I deserve to hone my craft and write stories that I’m actually passionate about writing. I’m reminding myself more and more that, if I’m not passionate … Read more

Creative Writing Prompts: 10 to Get in the Flow

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Sometimes the hardest part about writing is just getting started. Many people have the desire to create a groundbreaking work of fiction, but it is sadly only the few that actually get to the see the rewards of such a creation. If, like me, you desire to write fiction (and do it well!), putting pen … Read more

How to Optimize a Blog for SEO

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There’s little argument that the Internet has radically changed the publishing space. You can sit down and write an article now, and make it accessible to billions of people the moment you finish writing it. That’s a hug bonus for bloggers, but with so many people diving into the blogging space, we have to seriously … Read more