How to Unblock Writer’s Block

How to Unblock Writers Block Featured Image

Many writers have fallen victim to writer’s block. We have a large vision of what it is we’d like to create, but we don’t know where to start, or we get started and then get stuck halfway through. Our dear friends at Merriam-Webster define writer’s block as “a psychological inhibition prohibiting a writer from proceeding … Read more

Why Spelling and Grammar Matter

Why Spelling and Grammar Matter

The rapid popularity of social media (especially Twitter) gives us the ability to connect over greater distances than any previous generation has enjoyed. The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day, but we must also consider how the quality of our conversations and interactions impact the future we’re creating. So, today, I’m here to … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Speed Reading

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I’m an avid reader, but to be honest I often lament how slowly I move through books. I wish I could digest them faster so that I can incorporate the lessons they offer into my life. In the interest of co-learning, today I’m going to do some research so that I can put together a … Read more

The 10 Most Common Grammar Mistakes

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I feel very fortunate that grammar and spelling were two things that came pretty naturally to me as a child. My parents used to tell me I should be a newspaper editor because I always found grammatical mistakes when I read our local paper. Alas, newspapers are all but obsolete today and I still find … Read more

Five Blog Writing Tips for Beginners

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Many would argue that it’s easier to publish now than ever before. As I type this, I know that I’m less than two hours from publishing and sending it out into the world. But for anyone interested in starting a blog or looking for their first blogging client, there are a number of things to … Read more

How To Grow Good Writing Habits

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I’ve thought about how nice it would be to write every day on many occasions. I’m apt to make excuse after excuse for why it’s hard or a struggle or even impossible. The truth is, none of those things are true. We are capable of anything we set our minds to. So, in the interest … Read more