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Creating a book from a journal isn’t a new concept. The hard part is actually sticking to a daily journaling scheduling and making sure you actually record your thoughts as you’re experiencing. For me, there has really only been one period in my life when I was able to journal every day for a continued time.

Motivation can be a hard thing, which is why some of the best journal books actually provide prompts and goals to help you commit to writing every day.

From experience, the only time I’ve been able to journal continuously led to the creation of A Journal from the John Muir Trail, and this was largely possible because I wasn’t plugged into any other technology for 28 days.

I think journals provide a unique insight into the writer because they’re usually written without the intention of publishing. But if you don’t have a whole month to hike and write, you might consider one of the best journal books on Amazon!

Start Where You Are

best journal books - start where you are

This journal is designed for self-exploration. Created by Meera Lee Patel, this journal uses one basic reminder that helps readers navigate daily lives that can often feel confusing and chaotic. The reminder is that an appreciation for the world around us and the achievement of our dreams requires an understanding of what those dreams are and a commitment to understanding ourselves.

Featuring inspiring quotes from writers and artists, readers will also be able to take advantage of the regular writing prompts included in this journal. These supportive prompts are designed to inspire creativity and reflection, making this journal an excellent tool for creating positive change in your life.

Q&A a Day

best journal books - q&a a day

For anyone looking to make a long-term commitment to journaling and reflection, this journal will help you follow your thoughts and feelings for a total of 5 years! Every day you’ll be able to find that day’s date and answer the question at the top of the page. When you finish each year, simply flip back to the beginning and start again. This gives you a unique chance to reflect on how your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and mindset change (or don’t) over the years.

Offered by Potter gift, this classically-designed journal contains a variety of quirky, provocative, and interesting questions like, “What can you smell right now?”, “On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you ?” and “If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?”

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal

best journal books - one minute gratitude

You may or may not have heard the term “attitude of gratitude” in the past. The fundamental idea is that be being grateful for what we already have in our lives we invite more into our lives that we can also be grateful for. There are many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of this approach and this journal is designed to help cultivate that attitude.

Created by Brenda Nathan, it features an inspirational quote on every page and prompts you to write down between 3 and 5 things you are grateful for every single day. Looking back, you’ll be able to see how easily ordinary moments turn into blessings, and how much you have to be thankful for.

Hello New Me

best journal books - hello new me

A journal offered by the Happy Books Hub, this book is designed for anyone who wants to eat healthier and exercise more. It gives you the opportunity to record daily meals and track things like your water intake, type of exercise, and for how long you exercise each time.

It’s a great tool to go along with a 90-day training or diet program and it’s a good way to oversee those unexpected cravings and record how you respond to them.

Many studies have shown that tracking and planning meals for a week or more yields the best results, which is the premise upon which this journal is designed. It also includes prompts that will help you monitor how much you’re sleeping, your feelings about your progress, your mood, and those small improvements that ultimately lead you to your final goal!

The Benefits of Journaling

There are a surprising number of benefits to keeping a regular journal. In addition to providing an opportunity for daily reflection, journaling has been shown to increase IQ, evoke more mindfulness, help you achieve your goals, inspire greater emotional intelligence, boost memory and comprehension, strengthen self-discipline, improve communication skills, provide an avenue for self-healing, spark creativity, and increase self-confidence.

Countless important and influential historical figures kept notebooks or journals, including Mark Twain, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Alexis de Tocqueville. One can’t know where starting a regular journaling practice may lead, but it’s inspiring to know that it could one day lead to your name being considered among these historical figures.

Your journey, including the struggles and triumphs, may end up inspiring generations of humans to come after you. If you’re in need of a new journal, or just want to get into the journaling habit, these four journal books are awesome resources that you should certainly consider!

Amazon also offers a number of unique journal books to choose from, so don’t hesitate to find the one that’s right for you today!

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6 thoughts on “Journal Books for Writing”

  1. I journal and more or less every day.  It is my therapy, so to speak.  I know there are all types of ways to journal but there is something that happens with pen and paper.  For me, it seems to stimulate something, I enjoy the experience and I like to buy journals.  So, I liked your post very much, can you suggest a hard backed journal book with blank lined pages that I can get online?  I’m looking for A3 size and I’m not able to get out right now to buy a new one.  Cheers!

    • Hi Louise! 

      I have a habit of getting new journals way before I actually need them. I was able to find a number of journals/notebooks with both blank and lined pages. However, I struggled to find one in the A3 size that you prefer. This Dual Notebook ( was the largest size I was able to find. I hope that’s still helpful, and happy journaling! 

  2. Journalling, on a consistent basis, has most certainly been a lifelong struggle for me. I get going and a few days in the inspiration and motivation dwindles to zero and I justifiably (in my mind anyway) excuse myself from the practice. Your article has provided some very good insight and tools. Thank you!

    • Hey Myles! 

      I’m right there with you on the inconsistency of my journaling habits. I actually find it easier to journal every day when life isn’t super great and I’m trying to process a lot of change and uncertainty, or find acceptance for something happening in my life that I feel is out of my control. The only time I’ve been able to journal for a month straight is when I was hiking the John Muir Trail back in 2014. With not much else to do besides walk, setup/breakdown camp, and eat, there was plenty of time for journaling and photography. Ah, the simple life! 

  3. Everyone is so busy these days, it’s hard to find the time or even the motivation to journal. I like the prompts in these journals because it takes the work out of trying to find something to write about.

    If I have to make myself sit and meditate to even begin journaling, I will be distracted easily to go and do something else I think is demanding my time. With the prompts, that issue is eliminated.

    I am constantly amazed when I look back over my journals (mostly prayer journals and gratitude journals) and see where I’ve been and all the journeys I’ve taken. Getting older makes me appreciate it even more!



    • Hi Tammy! 

      Thanks for the comment! 

      Looking back on my journal entries is undoubtedly one of my favorite parts about keeping a journal. Sometimes I feel like if I actually remembered all the good advice I’ve written for myself in the past on a daily basis I’d be much more mentally strong and healthy! 

      If you’re interested in a look into my thought process on one of my favorite hiking trips of my life, check out my Journal from the John Muir Trail.

      Thanks again!


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