Creative Writing Prompts: 10 to Get in the Flow

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Sometimes the hardest part about writing is just getting started. Many people have the desire to create a groundbreaking work of fiction, but it is sadly only the few that actually get to the see the rewards of such a creation. If, like me, you desire to write fiction (and do it well!), putting pen … Read more

The Best Selling Non Fiction Books of 2018

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In my last post, I highlighted the science of reading and some amazing ways in which reading positively alters our brain chemistry. So now it’s time to look at some new options for what to read next! While it’s too early for some amazing non-fiction books that are undoubtedly set to be published in 2019, … Read more

The Story of B

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I can’t remember exactly when I read Ishmael, but that was my first introduction to Daniel Quinn and his writing style. Because I enjoyed that book so much, someone recommended that I read his follow-up novel, The Story of B. So, I bought the book, but it sat on my shelf (or I carried it … Read more

The Naked Ape: A Study of Human Biology

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Prior to taking a short holiday vacation back to the states, I was scrambling to finish a book that my Dad gifted to me last spring. The book is called The Naked Ape and it was written in 1967 by Desmond Morris, an English zoologist. It was a fascinating read and one that made we … Read more

How to Optimize a Blog for SEO

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There’s little argument that the Internet has radically changed the publishing space. You can sit down and write an article now, and make it accessible to billions of people the moment you finish writing it. That’s a hug bonus for bloggers, but with so many people diving into the blogging space, we have to seriously … Read more

The Best Selling Female Fiction Authors

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Female storytellers have been vital to the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation for millennia. Although recent history appears to have favored men in its appraisal of “literary masterpieces,” respect for female authors is growing rapidly, as it should and must be. In respect of this necessary evolution, this post focuses on highlighting … Read more