Stories & Poetry

This page contains stories and poetry from the past few years. There is something incredibly satisfying about exercising creativity through the arrangement of words and sentences. I aspire to tell many more stories to come in the future. For now, it is humbling to have a home for the stories I’ve lived thus far. It is humbling to imagine the process that great authors undertake to craft the many novels that have shaped the man I am today.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you find something new or old, fun or sad, inspiring or discouraging amongst these stories. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to pitch a story idea or collaborate on a project!

Please enjoy these stories and poetry attempts.

Shifting Sands

anxiety - Indian Paintbrush

“It’s been nearly two months since we high-tailed it out of Truckee to beat an impending winter storm. In that time we’ve visited with friends and family in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles, Ramona, and Palm Desert. We met new friends in places like Pfeiffer Big Sur State ParkSlab City, CA, and Las Cruces, NM. And we’re building a network here in Austin, though we’ve only lived here for just over two weeks.” Read on…

Growing Pains

processing - rainbow bridge

“To myself,

Too to myself?

Unsure of myself.”

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Are We Advancing?


“I find myself engaged in the trickery, or should I say with it?

Cheap thrills, mindless chuckles, instant gratification.

Entertainment, but to what end?”

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There Once Was a Boy…

short stories there-once-was-a-boy

“There once was a boy who lost confidence in himself. He allowed others to dictate his course in life, and as a result, he rarely found himself completely happy or satisfied with his position. He constantly desired more, and always felt like he didn’t have enough time to get what he wanted. He struggled to prioritize that which he desired. He chipped away at his goals inconsistently.” Read on…

Hump Day

short stories hump-day

“Hump Day. Bump day. Life in a cycle. Riding a tricycle. Need three wheels to stay grounded. Three points of connection to keep from falling. Instability. Insecurity. Wish I could just write a clever little ditty. Send it off to a high-powered executive and, in return, receive a handsome check that’ll pay off my debt.” Read on…

I Am A Child…

short stories i-am-a-child

“I am a child.



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It’s A Start…

short stories its-a-start

“My questions are many, my answers few,
Struggling to decide what I should do.”

What My Hometown Means To Me

short stories what-my-hometown-means-to-me

“Truckee will always be my hometown. It will always be the first place that welcomed me and gave me opportunities to love. I never cease to find peace and solace in this place. There’s an unexplainable healing quality to the air. While I still can’t fully describe the specifics of what I’ll call, ‘The Truckee Effect,’ I am yet to host a single visitor that couldn’t feel it, at least to an extent.” Read on…


short stories i-am

“I am human.

Flawed and awkward, but beautiful.

I am an ape.

My needs for survival are basic.”

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How 20 Letters Changed My Life

short stories 20-letters

“Concerns about humanity losing the ability to truly connect with each other are nothing new. Technological advancements in television, radio, cell phones, and the Internet have created new mediums for humans to communicate across vast distances. In many ways, communication is easier and more accessible today than ever before. However, ease and accessibility doesn’t always lead to better quality. Indeed, there are many reasons to question the quality of communications facilitated by social media.” Read on…