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Written by Gunnar Emery
At some level, sub-conscious or conscious, the words spoken will contain some sort of resonance with you. On the surface, I kindly and respectfully ask you to disregard any words that do not. They are not meant for you at this particular time/ space. If they do, ground and integrate them into your being. Manifest them and fuse them into your reality. The only reality is in this present moment.
Let’s start with some basic questions. What does power mean to you? What about personal power? How does one establish this power within a culture and educational system that teaches powerlessness as a way of furthering social cooperation? What happens when creative thinkers are seen as deviants to be shunned from society while conformity is reinforced?
“Social Cooperation is certainly necessary in our present day society. However, if it occurs through domination, than it cannot be deemed cooperation at all. It can be defined as cooperation without vitality, desire, or the spark of life. It can be termed submission, which cripples our sense of power and damages our self-esteem. We must than re-examine the concept of power that involves the domination of one part by another. On the contrary, we can view power as integration, or power within, the power of connecting with the forces of life”(Wheels of life).
Our dominant worldview is one that consists of separateness. Instead of emphasizing our power through separation, true power can come from unity and wholeness. Real power is that of creation, not of destruction. I bring good news today friends. Knowledge when ultimately contemplated, shared and integrated contains enormous potential. The law is one ladies and gentleman. We are all one. We come from one universal source and are all intimately connected. We experience ourselves as separate from the whole, which creates a myriad of false identities, destructive thought forms, and complex emotional issues. Begin by looking inward, untangle the cords and conditioning and recognize the body as whole and complete. Simply observe how the muscles, bones, and nerves interweave within each other to form our bodily complex. Observe then how emotions, thoughts, and desires affect your bodily complex. Look into a mirror, gaze into your eyes and witness love, recognize that you, my friends, are the creator. Accept yourself, love yourself, and understand that you are a magnificent being of creation.
Now, gaze upon the creation, understand that your thoughts, emotions, and desires have resonance with everyone and everything. View the creation, view everyone and view everything. See the creator. Witness love transforming your world. Search within yourself. Do not be afraid. Fear is merely an illusion. Fear will tell you that it has power over you. Fear will tell you it rules your world. Fear wishes you to bow to it.
Love will tell you otherwise. Love will tell you to persevere. Love will whisper in your ear that everything will be ok. Find love in power and power in love. Unconditional Love will tell you that there are no mistakes because you can never do anything that will alter how it feels about you. Ponder that question for a bit. Can you make a mistake? Can you even falter in your life process? We strive for perfection in a seemingly imperfect world and yet we forget to recognize the perfection that is present right underneath our noses. Take a good hard look at how your life process has panned out thus far. Look at the moments, situations, and encounters that have molded you into you. Notice, how everything seems to work out and create the best possible outcome for you? Notice that what you have perceived to be a mistake has only led you to a new understanding and chapter of your life process. Some will say that mistakes are made, however, when you continue making the same mistake. Is this plausible? You will be a completely new person by tomorrow. Physically your body will have shed thousands of cells, mentally you will entertain new thought patterns, and emotionally new feelings will arise under current living conditions. How then, can you make the same mistake when you are in every shape and form a new and different person by the next day? The questions are being begged for you to decide. There is no argument. Your life is a masterpiece designed by you the Master. Let that soak in for a bit.
We have an opportunity, my friends. We have an opportunity each and every day to change the world. They say we cannot change the world unless we change ourselves. This opportunity is so vastly abundant it occurs every time you entertain a thought. This opportunity arises when you wake up, it arises in the evening, it arises when you interact, when you breathe, when you smile, when you laugh. With every choice you make you affect the entire world. With every choice, you have the opportunity to change the world.
You are the one that determines your perception of the reality. Do not allow me nor anyone else to tell you otherwise. I will love you for whatever you believe in but believe in something . . .What to do now? What do we do when we realize that we are merely the creation of love experiencing other creations of love? What happens when we realize there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. What do we do when we realize that we are only here to find this Love in every moment of our life process? We fly my friends and we rise.
Rise! It is in these moments when we fly that we empower ourselves to explore the schoolroom we call life.
Rise! It is here that we gain the momentum to break through any barrier, to leap over oceans, to move mountains, to make the impossible, possible.
Rise! For your Mother, your Father, your Sister, your Brother, your Family, your Friends, rise for You.
RISE! Let us stand together as one people, one nation, one world, one universe, and one light.
This moment is eternal and belongs to you my friends, grasp it, love it, and bathe in its infinite glory.

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