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“Everything in life has purpose, and everything happens for a reason.”

We tell ourselves these so-called truths so that we can come to terms with events that don’t seem to make “sense.”

It is part of the human quest to attempt to make sense of all that we see before us, and even many things that daily go unseen.

But does Nature worry about making sense?

Is the process of evolution always logical?

What if this thing we call life is simply an infinite continuation of random chaos?

We are as atoms, bumping into each other, rubbing together, rubbing off, sometimes bonding, other times splitting, perpetually in motion.

Life as a 25¢ game of pinball, with no one at the controls.

Who knows where we’ll bounce next?

Often, I say I’m “flying by the seat of my pants,”

But seeing as how I’m not really one to lead with my ass,

That’s not necessarily accurate.

It’s probably more like “careening along cock-first.”

The reptilian brain is alive and well,

And it’s located in the tip of my penis.

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