Karmic Work

Written by Joseph Eberhardt

In the midst of a vast blue ocean sits the beautiful and majestic Hawaiian Islands, a powerful female energy that has always felt like home. I am pulled back to the valley isle for another winter of learning, loving, and experiencing all that Mother Maui has to offer.
The towering Haleakala Crater rises to 10,000 feet in the east, as the Maui Mountains impress with their steep peaks, deep gorges, and unique landmarks in the west.
I find myself on the north shore, just about a mile from where the crater and the sleek silver-blue Pacific Ocean meet. I am drawn back to the island by a freshly created migration pattern that flows with the constellations. Orion, the hunter, calls and offers a great opportunity to help with the base plan of a newly developing sustainable homestead.
“We come together to share gifts, to practice our talents, to nurture and inspire and to take care of one another; we come together to build what we could not make separately.” -Scott Russell Sanders
Major projects include: the dismantling of an existing 20 year old rusted barb-wire fence and the re-working of a property line fence to house grazing animals, the building of a loafing shed to house the sheep that will someday graze the 1-1/2 acre grassy meadow, the first implementations of permaculture techniques for soil building naturally with ideas like hugelkulture and compost making, while setting up a nursery for the propagation of seeds, cuttings and transplants.
This blessed piece of land is prime for restoration work of a higher order to bring it back into the balance and equilibrium that befits a living system that is connected and built upon the powerful vibrations of Mother Maui.
Living as an emissary of love, working and thriving in the abundance that Mother Earth provides for all. There is great wisdom in the simplicity of Nature. Finding a place to live your dream that is worthy of love and quality work, where humans, animals, plants, and all life do their part to create and enhance the great circle of life, taking advantage of every opportunity to create a series of experiences that guide and teach you as your path unfolds beneath your bare feet.
“Work has a tremendous evolutionary value because in doing any kind of work the mind, attention, and vitality have to be used. These faculties are trained, developed and organized. Experience can only be achieved through work. Work is the very nature of existence. All existence is in motion and work is the activity of motion. Love is work. Happiness is work with awareness.” -Viktoras Kulvinskas
Feeling the sunlight upon the world and spreading your love in the same manner.  One can’t help but feel blessed, for this is a beautiful schoolroom with many powerful lessons to teach before you are dismissed.

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