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I am human.

Flawed and awkward, but beautiful.

I am an ape.

My needs for survival are basic.

I am a thinker,

Constantly lost in thought.

I am a fighter,

Never wanting to quit.

I am a dreamer,

Floating on dreams.

I am a writer,

Piecing together words and sentences.

I am an adventurer,

Always looking for opportunities to explore.

I am a scientist,

Searching for new discoveries.

I am a rebel,

Seeking conscious, compassionate change.

I am a time traveler,

But my past can never be forgotten.

I am young.

The world is at my fingertips.

I am fit.

The luck of good health is at my side.

I am fortunate.

My family is loving and caring.

I am lucky.

My friends are amazingly talented and intelligent.

I am blessed.

The world is beautiful.

I am accomplished.

I’ve finished challenges that I’ve begun.

I am a novice.

My experience is relatively minimal.

I am hungry.

I want to create long-term, positive change in the world.

I am not satisfied.

My potential is far from realized.

I am a lover,

Always open to love.

I must move,

On a path all my own.

I must not simply piggyback,

On the exploits of those that have come before me.

I am unique.

I have something to contribute.

I am human.

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