Prop Plane Heading to Nashville


Banking left. Leaning right.

Trying to find a balance.

Sunrise on the one horizon.

A brilliant color spectrum on the other.

Another plane cruises below, heading the opposite direction.

It looks like a toy from this distance, seemingly, and seamlessly, shunning the laws of physics.

Gravity, you say? Nonsense, poopypants!!

I am in flight! Glorious, ingenious flight!

Suspended above the Earth.

No longer touching its surface, but not entirely detached from its grandeur either.

I can see so much from this great height.

The mechanical markings of man.

The artful, curved lines of Mother Nature’s architecture.

Rivers and mountains. Forests and pastures.

The sun steadily inching its way higher in the sky,

Anxious to shine its light on the whole beautiful creation.

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