Are We Advancing Featured Image
Campfire in the Sierras

Are We Advancing?

I find myself engaged in the trickery, or should I say with it?

Cheap thrills, mindless chuckles, instant gratification.

Entertainment, but to what end?

Are we advancing? Intellectually?

Creatively? Philosophically?

Energetically? Culturally?

Ethnically? Adventurously?


And isn’t it a mystery?

Many questions to be asked,

Answers may be harder to come by.

It is in pursuit we will remain.

The beast, in its nature, unchanged.

Secrets hidden away in dark corners.

Cryptic messages slipped in by informers.

Only a fraction of the evidence lies before us,

And that alone should arouse and implore us,

Because TOGETHER, no one can ignore us.

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