Month: January 2017

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How Would I Like To Be Remembered?

How would I like to be remembered?

I’d like my life to remind people of the value of always being open to new experiences. If it kills me, so it goes. Life is here to be lived. Now, I don’t consider myself a thrill-seeker. But I also don’t want to spend my life avoiding all risks. There are many things, tangible and intangible, that we can take pleasure in. Some, indeed, may be healthier than others, at least physically.

But we must also consider health from the mental and emotional perspectives. What is a physically healthy life without a mentally and emotionally healthy life? I, personally, seem to thrive on newness. Stagnation is the enemy. There is so much to be seen, felt, heard, touched, and tasted in this world.

Sometimes our routines can limit the breadth and depth of our human experience. Sometimes we stop taking chances and start missing out on all that life has to offer. Sometimes life puts very difficult choices on our plates and our options feel limited. Sometimes we don’t feel like we’ve made the right choice. And sometimes we feel like we are completely out of options.

But some people live their entire lives without options. So, for those of us that do have them, No matter how difficult or humiliating they may seem, We must be grateful. If we have options, then we are blessed. We have the chance to change our lives. We have an opportunity for improvement.

And I think we owe it to those that do not have options to, at the very least, be empathetic to the struggles and pains of others. And, if we can, to spend our lives working to increase the options for those that currently have none.

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Bare Bones Featured Image

Bare Bones

Bare bones. Clothing stripped away.

The true self no longer hidden.

Naked. Cold. Afraid.

Afraid to be seen. Afraid to be judged.

Afraid to shine like the bright light you are.

Afraid to let the world see your beauty.


Yes, the world will see you.

And yes, the world may judge you.

But their judgments cannot make you any less beautiful.

The world can be cruel, but it will only tear you down if you allow it.

The only power they have over your life is the power YOU grant.

You are powerful. You are unique.

There is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it,

And you are willing to work,

To strive and to struggle.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes, of course, it appears brighter than others.

And sometimes, we simply need to open our eyes to remember that it is there.

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Pinball Featured Image


“Everything in life has purpose, and everything happens for a reason.”

We tell ourselves these so-called truths so that we can come to terms with events that don’t seem to make “sense.”

It is part of the human quest to attempt to make sense of all that we see before us, and even many things that daily go unseen.

But does Nature worry about making sense?

Is the process of evolution always logical?

What if this thing we call life is simply an infinite continuation of random chaos?

We are as atoms, bumping into each other, rubbing together, rubbing off, sometimes bonding, other times splitting, perpetually in motion.

Life as a 25¢ game of pinball, with no one at the controls.

Who knows where we’ll bounce next?

Often, I say I’m “flying by the seat of my pants,”

But seeing as how I’m not really one to lead with my ass,

That’s not necessarily accurate.

It’s probably more like “careening along cock-first.”

The reptilian brain is alive and well,

And it’s located in the tip of my penis.

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Holding Pattern

Low clouds. Plane loud.

Sun prowls. But is not seen.

A blanket has fallen on the world.

Everything has gone grey.

Missing are the brilliant colors,

The bright light, and the rainbows.

All feels dull and dreary.

None among us seeing clearly.

The fog, the mist, the haze.

Praying, always, for better days.

Life in a prolonged holding pattern.

Up here, there’s only time to burn.

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Stress Featured Image


Stress is the ultimate accelerator of disease and death. It eats at us while we’re awake and as we sleep, if we allow it.

For every second that the clock ticks ‘round, stress, like an angry beaver, gnaws away at the butt end of life’s timeline.

“Shoo!” I try. “Dam You Beaver!”

No longer will you chew at my existence. No longer will I allow stress to paralyze my body.

What will be, will be. C’est la vie. And so it goes.

I strive to roll with the punches. I will go with the flow.

Swimming upriver is too tiring, And the gains are far too few.

Better to catch the waves of Fate, Or Destiny, Or Chance,

Or whatever the hell you want to call it,

And enjoy the Ride.

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compassionate future - self-trust-pacific


How can one be reasonably monogamous in a world where everybody needs love? How do we differentiate love from lust, from infatuation, from desire, from curiosity, or from simple attraction? So many people on the planet. How do we know when the one is THE ONE? And how do we exhibit any reasonable level of self-trust?

“Well, you just know.” So I’ve heard. But how do we stop ourselves from second-guessing? Maybe in the practice of trusting our intuition?

I truly believe that if I truly believe that I can, then I will. When did the second-guessing start?

Did I trust myself more at 10 years old than I do now? At what point was the child’s brain corrupted by the adult world?

I want to find that level of self-trust again. It is imperative to my sustained happiness.

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