Month: March 2016

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Hump Day

Hump Day. Bump day. Life in a cycle. Riding a tricycle. Need three wheels to stay grounded. Three points of connection to keep from falling. Instability. Insecurity. Wish I could just write a clever little ditty. Send it off to a high-powered executive and, in return, receive a handsome check that’ll pay off my debt.

In financial jail while living in a “free” world. Toiling, toiling. A kettle never quite boiling.

A kid knocks on my door. Not my kid. Perhaps trying to persuade me never to have my own. The dog is, for now, more than enough. Even he doesn’t receive the attention he deserves.

So much time spent for such minimal returns. But to pull myself in another direction, now, is hard to imagine. Need to establish something here before setting the wheels of change further in motion.

The girl’s smile makes it all worthwhile. A menial job made otherwise lighthearted and meaningful. She lights up my world. And she has no idea. Well, she might have a feeling, or an inkling, a woman’s intuition brilliantly twinkling.

Words I want to write are nowhere to be found. Massaging these sentences from the hard, unwilling muscles of my fingers. Nothing flowing freely but the river and the time.

Always the time flows on, and I suppose we’re all flowing right along, whether we like it or not, and whether we choose to submit or try our darnedest to resist.

Love is still all around. Must live with the intention to help myself and the people around me, both near and far. Can’t let these current circumstances kill my happiness, or my positivity. Do not be overly concerned with “who I am.” Just be.

Currents ebb and flow like the sea. Those who practice resistance rarely succeed. They struggle and struggle against a power so great and so patient and so everlasting that it can never be beaten. But it is not dead-set on winning, or on being a “champion,” in our mainstream sense of the word. It will gladly accept your participation. It’s more than willing to cooperate and coexist. It’s not about winning. It’s about living.

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