Compassionate Future

The human race feels more divided than ever. It is easy to feel disenfranchised, disgusted, and scariest of all, forgotten. The pace of modern life is ever-quickening. In cities, I’ve seen too many people fail to acknowledge the fellow human beings around them. In grocery stores, I’ve seen those scared to smile at the ladies and gentleman passing by in the aisles. I want to see a more Compassionate Future.

Imagine a more caring world, a more loving world, and a world that honors and celebrates human diversity. There is infinite value in that diversity. We are extremely fortunate to inhabit this magnificent Earth. Humanity has an incredible breadth of experiences, perspectives, and tools at our fingertips.

We must come together to share and learn from one another. We must come together to experiment with a greater, more conscious evolution. We must come together to love each other, understand each other, and collaborate to drive positive change. A more compassionate future is possible. Contact me if you’d like to pitch an idea or project dedicated to this idea!

Let us plant the seed of the Compassionate Future we seek.

Crime: Innate or A Failure of Our Education System?

compassionate future - education - brothers

Why does crime occur? Why are people driven to break the law? Why do entire segments of the human population feel the need to step on other humans in order to ‘get theirs’? Is the education system failing us? Read on…

How Would I Like To Be Remembered?


“I’d like my life to remind people of the value of always being open to new experiences.

If it kills me, so it goes.

Life is here to be lived.”

Read on…

Bare Bones


“Bare bones. Clothing stripped away.

The true self no longer hidden.

Naked. Cold. Afraid.”

Read on…



“It is part of the human quest to attempt to make sense of all that we see before us, and even many things that daily go unseen.

But does Nature worry about making sense?

Is the process of evolution always logical?”

Read on…



“Stress is the ultimate accelerator of disease and death.

It eats at us while we’re awake and as we sleep, if we allow it.

For every second that the clock ticks ‘round, stress, like an angry beaver, gnaws away at the butt end of life’s timeline. “Shoo!” I try. “Dam You Beaver!”” Read on…



“How can one be reasonably monogamous in a world where everybody needs love?

How do we differentiate love from lust, from infatuation, from desire, from curiosity, or from simple attraction?

So many people on the planet.

How do we know when the one is THE ONE?” Read on…

The River of Life

compassionate future the-river-of-life

“A river is steady and, yet, constantly changing. On the surface, its appearance may remain unchanged year after year, with the standard seasonal fluctuations of course. But when you dive below the surface you’ll find turmoil, movement, and energy, and you’ll realize the erosive force that a river can be. Every river follows one important rule of nature.” Read on…

Living From The Heart

compassionate future living-from-the-heart

“I’m scared of my heart. I’m terrified of where it might lead me. But I’m open to it. I’m learning to trust it. And, as my trust for my heart grows, my trust for my mind seems to weaken, or at least it begins to fade. Internal conflict isn’t desirable. It’s not a feeling that many of us actively seek.” Read on…

Karmic Work

compassionate future karmic-work

Written by Joseph Eberhardt

“In the midst of a vast blue ocean sits the beautiful and majestic Hawaiian Islands, a powerful female energy that has always felt like home. I am pulled back to the valley isle for another winter of learning, loving, and experiencing all that Mother Maui has to offer.” Read on…

Health Before Productivity

“This sentiment has been lost in the corporate shuffle that is our modern world. We are witness to the workaholic Fortune 500 CEO that says, “I would work 30 hours a day if I could, if it were possible.” Whoa! Really! I would work ZERO hours a day if I could, if it were possible. But, isn’t it?” Read on…

Pledge to the Earth

compassionate future pledge-to-the-earth

“As a child, your world is relatively small and centered tightly on the self. As we grow, we begin to look out at the world and observe its complexities. If you’re anything like me, you begin to realize that it’s hard to know exactly what the United States of America stands for today.” Read on…


compassionate future rise

Written by Gunnar Emery
“At some level, sub-conscious or conscious, the words spoken will contain some sort of resonance with you. On the surface, I kindly and respectively ask you to disregard any words that do not. They are not meant for you in this particular time/ space. If they do, ground and integrate them into your being. Manifest them and fuse them into your reality. The only reality is in this present moment.” Read on…

Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?

compassionate future who-are-you

Written by Will Zentmyer
“Today we live in a society that preaches the glorification of the Self, one that teaches us that the aim of all our efforts is—and should be—to “do well for ourselves.” This attitude of self-improvement and self-gratification usually extends to include one’s immediate family, and in its most generous forms it includes one’s community.” Read on…

Riding Waves of Love to a Brighter Future

“We are on the edge of a wave, riding a set toward a more conscious future. The wheels are spinning and momentum is building. In some places, it seems as if this impending change is more obvious than in others, but our perception of reality is typically influenced by our immediate surroundings.” Read on…

“The World Is Yours…

“How will this world change for the better in my lifetime? How can I have a positive impact on the people close to me, as well as the larger system as a whole? Am I capable of expressing productive views on the systemic issues I’ve observed? Will I, one day, be capable of conversing with others to help them shed unhealthy ways of thinking? Who knows?” Read on…

More Thoughts on Love and the Future

compassionate future love-and-the-future

“I don’t know if I believe in sharing an entire lifetime’s worth of love with one person. I might believe the whole institution of marriage to be horribly outdated. There could certainly be one woman out there I’d like to spend many years with, but I’ll only know that when I feel it.” Read on…


compassionate future why

“It took me many years to start asking this simple question. I’m still learning to appreciate the power of ‘why’. I was a ‘tow-the-line’ kind of kid. I enjoyed making Mommy and Daddy happy, and that meant listening very intently to their wishes and doing my absolute best to abide by their rules. As a young child, this was very easy. I had a one-track mind. All I needed to do was stay on my parent’s good side and life was good; it was fun.” Read on…

Turning Focus Inward

compassionate future turning-focus-inward

“I can’t wait for spring and summer. Springs means graduation. Spring means freedom. Summer means exploration. Self-exploration. Nature exploration. Exploration of the people and world around me, both near and far. I really don’t think I could be much more jazzed about it.” Read on…